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Xbox Series X & S’s First Update


The Xbox Series X has already had its first update and it has reportedly got new backgrounds and some UI changes among other things to look forward to.

The X box Series X, Xbox Series S, and X box One are all getting their November updates and we have the low down on the new changes that are to be expected.

Unlike the recent 800mb PS5 update that was simply detailed as “improves system performance.” Xbox has divulged every detail of their upcoming update.

Firstly we have the software update which will be the first dashboard update for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, and it will include more dynamic backgrounds that are exclusive to the Xbox Series X and Series S.

This update is reported to add six new background designs, these include some recognizable designs from older Xbox consoles. These new backgrounds can each be selected from the settings panel of the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft has also said about the backgrounds that they are working on additional styles, colours, and designs for future updates.

The next-gen consoles will also be getting a new tag that will alert you to when a game is using an auto HDR. When you open the Xbox guide during a game, the Tag will then appear in a similar fashion to how Quick Resume pops up in the top right-hand corner.

The update will also add “Optimized for Series X|S” badges to the game tiles inside the library screen. This will also have a corresponding filter for this.

The “achievements” will be moved into the “Game Activity” tab within the quick guide.

You will now also have the option of adding family members’ accounts from the Console setup page itself.

Lastly, the update will add the ability to pre-install some games that are soon coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft seems to be sticking to their pattern of adding small updates over the lifespan of the consoles instead of less frequent larger ones.

These updates will undoubtedly add quality of life in small increments to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles.