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Xbox Series X


Xbox Series X Has Plenty In Store For Us Games Wise…

Xbox Series X played a powerful card early on and it all boils down to exclusive titles.

Microsoft has made the announcement that there will be no exclusive titles for the X Series on the marketplace during its first year, and that is not all. Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty stated that the Xbox One and Xbox Series X will be sharing their games during this first year as well. This is a great step up for console games, as big as the surprise is, this might breach the gap between cross play and lead it to new heights.

All of this falls well under the company’s new direction and aspirations.

All of this is great news for the gaming community. If the floating rumors that Steam games will be playable on the X series is true, this can open up so many fantastic doors to the future of gaming.

“All of our games… will play up and down that family of devices” – Xbox’s Matt Booty ends the next-gen exclusive as we know it”

At this stage there is no news from PlayStation regarding this massive decision from Xbox; PlayStation has been leading the charge when it came to exclusives, and that is a fact. As amazing as some of these Xbox exclusives are, PlayStation simply had several to one amazing exclusives and that put them in the lead. Microsoft has invested a lot of time, effort and money to breach that gap in the past.

So, this news can go either way at this stage, Sony can capitalize on it, or bring out their own variant; time will tell here.