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You Are Now Able To Create Your Starfield Character Before Launch


Approaching the game’s release date, there is now a way to strategize and construct your characters well in advance.

It seems you can now create your character and ready it before the game is even available for Starfield, a highly anticipated RPG that will be on Early Access on the 1st of September.

“Nukes & Dragons” has crafted a Starfield build planner that allows you to construct your character ahead of the game’s release.

The “Nukes & Dragons” Starfield build planner can be found here.

At present, you have the option to pick your character’s background. This will grant you a trio of initial skills, and subsequently choose up to three traits. You can continue enhancing your skills or raising their levels, leading to an overall increase in your character’s level.

Naturally, this system operates independently from Starfield. When the game officially launches, there won’t be an option to transfer anything into the actual gameplay.

Nonetheless, the planner and calculator serve as effective tools to offer insights into the game’s possibilities. Thus, when you undertake these actions within the game itself, you’ll be well-informed about what lies ahead.

The character building mechanic

Keep in mind that the planner uses recently disclosed details about the game. The site’s developers haven’t really used Starfield yet, unlike the rest of the globe. Therefore, when the release date of the game draws near, it’s probable that the tabs and other intricate components will change.

It’s a familiar experience to invest hours in RPG character creation, making a build planner like this is invaluable to expedite the process in Starfield.

Various character builds you can try out.

Furthermore, planning ahead with the build planner avoids the need to spend excess time reading about the numerous skills, backgrounds, and traits in Starfield.

In the grand scheme, if you’re seeking to navigate the vast expanse of Bethesda’s sci-fi masterpiece. This presents an ideal method to shape your character, ensuring a swift escape from the introductory tutorial. After all, those planets won’t uncover their mysteries without your initiative.

Mark the date: Starfield is set to make its debut on the 6th of September, simultaneously launching on Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as through Game Pass.

However, those who preordered the Premium or Constellation editions can enter the game slightly earlier, on September 1st.