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Darkest Dungeon PVP Mode Free This Weekend


Red Hook Studios have previously announced The Butcher’s Circus, which is a PVP add-on for the highly popular RPG Darkest Dungeon.

Well, we are happy to report that a release date has been announced which is only a day away.  Not only will we get this mode soon we will get it for free.

The expansion adds a new area and includes a player versus player mode that will allow players to assemble a team of four adventurers to challenge another player’s team in arena-type combat.

You Can Play Darkest Dungeon In PVP Mode This Weekend For Free

The Butcher’s Circuses PVP is new in that it makes use of a coin flip to determine who attacks first. Whoever wins this coin flip gets to attack first, though the loser of the coin flip isn’t at a disadvantage–they receive a team-wide buff that is active for the entire first round.

An added bonus of this DLC is that there will be no microtransactions whatsoever. You will earn all your rewards by progressing in the game.

The DLC characters are usable in the PVP combat, but only if you purchase their DLC’s. Players who don’t own these characters can also be pitted against player’s who do.

You Can Play Darkest Dungeon In PVP Mode This Weekend For Free

This DLC is only available on Steam for a limited time so get yours fast..

Red Hook Studio’s said that “Steam is our largest user base and the simplest to deploy to, so we wanted to start there for this grand PvP experiment.”

The full game is free to play on Steam this weekend and for those of you who then get hooked and want more can purchase the game for a 75% discount.