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Zoom All You Need To Know About The Video Conferencing Platform


Zoom is gaining popularity fast; we explore the app and why it is chosen by so many to host their conference calls.

What is Zoom and how does it work? We share tips and tricks you need to know about this widely used new platform.

Zoom, the well-known video conferencing platform has risen to popularity in recent months, mostly due to the Pandemic forcing a majority of the work-force to work from home.

The platform is predominantly used by businesses to host remote meetings. Zoom is popular for a couple of reasons, the service is easy to use, user friendly and the basic package is completely free.

The video quality is nothing to be sniffed at either with HD quality video and audio. Other than this there are facilities such as text chat and screen sharing as well.

If you are willing to pay for the premium package you can host meetings up to 1,000 participants,10,000 viewers, call recording, unlimited phone calls and so much more that it is worth the spend if you are a larger company.

With Zoom, you can even host events, with numerous people hosting their weddings over zoom. Zoom is available for use on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

If you decide to get the free version you will get basic features such as, conferencing for up to 100 participants, if the conference is shorter than 40 minutes that is, if it happens to be longer than participants will start being ejected from the does support unlimited one-on-one meetings, screen sharing, chat, virtual backgrounds, whiteboard, and many more features.

If you are willing to pay for the service though you will get extra features such as the time limits for group video conferences being removed and also allows the meeting to be stored on the cloud or on-device storage and even scheduling repeat meetings.

The paid version starts from R254.41 /month or R2 541,65 per annum. Extra features will obviously hike up these prices.

You should keep in mind that the desktop version will carry more features than the mobile version such as the larger screen for one, the chat and screen sharing facilities on a mobile device won’t be of as high a quality as the desktop version.

The mobile version allows only 4 people on screen at a time, whereas the desktop version allows up to 49. It is good to know that the iOS and Android versions of Zoom vary slightly.

There you have it Zoom offers a variety of really great features and is affordable, which is why it is such a popular platform to be used for multiple business applications.