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Remnant 2: Supply Ship Event Guide

Remnant 2: How To Get The Zealot Armor

This may cause you some irritation…

While exploring the land, you’ll come across five coffins that you can interact with and that begin beeping. These five coffins will spawn in the same general area where you found the silo.

You must locate a launch silo containing a large capsule containing a ship.

There is a dungeon entrance (The Dark Conduit) in there. You must finish the dungeon quest and restore its power.

Return outside, and the console will be usable. After that, look for more coffins because there will be rewards at the bottom of the capsule.

There are 5 coffins to find, with the following rewards:

  1. Scraps
  2. Iron
  3. Galvanized Resupply Band
  4. Difference Engine
  5. Star Shot