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Remnant 2: The Burning Man Event Guide

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Important decisions lie ahead

Butcher’s Quarter in Losomn You will come across a group of people who are about to burn a hanging man. You have two options: either stop the burning or let the burning take its place.

There are two ways to complete this event with each giving you a different reward.

Stop them from burning him:

To avoid burning, deal with the person carrying the torch first. After this, all spectators will become hostile, and more enemies will arrive from all directions to attempt to burn the hanged man. Try to pay special attention to those carrying torches, as they have the ability to burn him.

As the event concludes, you will gain the Shadeskin trait.

The Dran will come down and explain why he was about to be burned alive.

He will give you the Dran Memento.

Watch him getting burned:

Shadeskin will be bestowed upon you. Leave and return (rest at the crystal) after the burning.

You can now kill the pig that is devouring the burned corpse and obtain the Singed Ring.