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11 Years After The Original Shut Down, City Of Heroes: Homecoming Now Has An Official license To Operate


The original publisher has given its approval to the community’s own servers

Despite the fact that the beloved superhero MMO City of Heroes was shut down over a decade ago, fans have kept it alive for years through a variety of custom server efforts. One of those projects has recently received the approval of the game’s original publisher and license holder, NCSoft.

“Homecoming has been granted a license to operate a City of Heroes server and further develop the game – subject to conditions and limitations under the contract,” City of Heroes: Homecoming announced earlier today. The Homecoming project will remain free and donation-funded, and while there have been a few changes to how the project is managed, it does not appear that players will notice any significant changes in the game itself.

“NCSoft has always had (and will continue to have) the right to demand that Homecoming shuts down,” the announcement stated. “This agreement provides a framework under which Homecoming can operate the game in a way that complies with NCSoft’s wishes in hopes of minimizing the chances of that happening. We’ve had a really positive and productive relationship with NCSoft for over four years now, so we do not anticipate there being any issues.”

City Of Heroes: Homecoming

That will certainly provide Homecoming players with a sense of security, as most custom MMO servers appear to be operating on borrowed time, waiting for the day when some lawyer or another takes notice and moves to shut them down.

The biggest unknown about the Homecoming license is what it means for other custom server projects like City of Heroes Rebirth. According to the announcement, “other servers are out of scope” for this license, and the developers say “our hope is that our license will help us consolidate our userbase with City of Heroes fans from other servers.” There is already some concern in the community that other private servers will begin to disappear as a result of this news, but only time will tell what will happen on that front.

The majority of the City of Heroes fandom, on the other hand, has reacted positively to the news. Let’s hope that other online games have similarly happy endings in the future.