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343 Industries Shifts Focus From Halo Infinite Support To New Projects


Transitioning Away from Seasonal Cycles, Embracing Smaller “Operations” and Expanding Custom Games Editor

343 Industries, the developer behind the iconic Halo series, has unveiled future plans for its renowned shooter franchise while simultaneously announcing a slowdown in support for Halo Infinite.

Despite the recent success of Halo Infinite, marked by what many consider its best season ever, the game is departing from the traditional seasonal cycles. Instead, 343 Industries is introducing smaller “Operations” lasting four to six weeks, each accompanied by a 20-tier battle pass. The first content update under this new approach is scheduled for January 30.

During a recent community livestream, the studio assured fans that Halo Infinite is not entering maintenance mode. A dedicated team will continue delivering ongoing content, with a particular emphasis on empowering players through the enhancement of the custom game’s editor, Forge.

The announcement also revealed 343 Industries’ broader vision, stating, “But we also have additional teams now, accelerating towards the future, working on brand new projects. We are also growing and have exciting things for the future.” This suggests a dual focus on the current title and the development of new projects, possibly hinting at the next mainline Halo game.

While acknowledging that games can’t endure indefinitely, the community hopes that this transition doesn’t lead to unforeseen challenges, particularly regarding potential studio layoffs. The anticipation is high for both the sustained support of Halo Infinite and the unveiling of intriguing projects on the horizon. Fingers crossed for a smooth transition and an exciting future for the Halo franchise.