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A Day Early, The GTA 6 Trailer Has Arrived, Indicating A 2025 Release Date


Rockstar Accelerates GTA 6 Trailer Premiere Following Leak

After it leaked online, Rockstar released the official GTA 6 trailer one day early.

On Monday, the much-awaited GTA 6 trailer appeared on Twitter. Shortly after, the account that initially shared the trailer was suspended. And now Rockstar has released the full trailer on its official YouTube channel, less than an hour after the leak became public.

As the trailer makes clear, Grand Theft Auto 6 will indeed be released in 2025. As of right now, the official title is just Grand Theft Auto VI.

Before we get into the actual footage, the GTA 6 teaser confirms that Rockstar is returning us to Vice City, the Miami-inspired setting of the series’ venerable 2002 debut, with its busy streets and sun-kissed coastline. It also introduces us to the first female protagonist of the series, who has a relationship akin to Bonnie and Clyde with her as-yet-unnamed male counterpart. Together, they commit various crimes while speedboating, motorcycling, and driving sports cars through the city.

GTA VI will include amazing super cars

The Vice City beaches, the surrounding wetlands, the highways, nightclubs, rooftop hangouts, pools infested with alligators, and of course, jails are just a few of the diverse settings that are depicted in the teaser. This is the best-looking Grand Theft Auto game to date, and it’s not even close to being the best-looking since the series’ last game was released ten years ago.

Along with confirming a modern setting, the trailer has a strong social media presence, which is likely intended to appeal to the players who are scrolling through videos on TikTok or Instagram while waiting for load screens.

Official Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer: