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According To Digital Foundry, 60FPS Starfield Is Now More Viable On Xbox Series X


“A performance mode on console could be much more viable now”

There was a lot of discussion about Starfield’s performance on Xbox Series consoles around the time of its release. Of course, the game was eventually released at 30FPS with no performance mode on either of Microsoft’s current-gen systems, but Digital Foundry believes that could change in the future – at least on Xbox Series X.

Earlier this month, the development team released a ‘beta’ version of the game on Steam, which is essentially an in-development build for testing out new features before the full public release. Since then, DF has been digging into the latest beta build, and it believes the new PC performance improvements will be carried over to the console

Of course, there could be a slew of other variables when it comes to the console version of the game, but if DF’s testing is correct, Starfield could be capable of reaching 60FPS on Series X once these new beta updates are applied to the full game.

Starfield has vast spaceports to explore.

For the time being, the team has made no indication that a performance mode will be added to the game for Xbox, but we’re hoping it will happen one day. Starfield performed admirably at 30 frames per second, but a higher frame rate option is always welcome!