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What Is WoW Classic Plus? There Seems To Be Several Answers


What WoW Classic Plus is to each World of Warcraft fan, including Blizzard, is different every time

The idea of an expanded version of WoW Classic caught fire in the community in the run-up to Blizzcon. What it would or should entail varied depending on who you spoke with, and Blizzard is well aware of this. According to World of Warcraft’s vice president, “Nobody can agree on what exactly that means.”

Holly Longdale, Blizzard’s vice president and executive producer of World of Warcraft, discusses WoW Classic Plus at Blizzcon 2023 and reveals that the people working on it aren’t even sure what it is. “The phrase ‘Classic Plus’ comes up all the time,” Longdale says, “and nobody knows what it means.” Not only Blizzard is having difficulty unpacking WoW Class Plus, but players are also divided on its definition.

The WoW developer then discussed the upcoming Season of Discovery expansion for World of Warcraft Classic, which will bring brand new features to the MMORPG on November 30: “At its core, I believe what players are asking is: ‘We love Classic, but do something different.'”

The bosses you will encounter in World Of Warcraft are terrifying.

Longdale continues,  “The idea for the season came from how we tested classes, which was by level ranges, and how players made their own endgames within those level ranges. We thought that was super fun, and decided to build something around that. But another part of Classic that is its essence – at least for now, anything can change of course – is that it’s built foundationally on what came before.”

In response to what some players believe WoW Classic Plus should be, the Blizzard developer says, “If we were ever going to say, okay, we’re going to – again, I’m just paraphrasing what some people refer to as ‘Classic Plus’ – build a whole new zone or a weird timeline or some multiverse kind of thing, that’s a longer conversation. So Season of Discovery feels like a good opportunity to experiment. To try some different stuff, just like we did with Hardcore – which was another experiment. You know, Classic really is a rare and beautiful thing.”

It wasn’t the first time Blizzard mentioned WoW Classic Plus at Blizzcon

One of the terrifying winged creatures you will encounter in World Of Wracraft.

“Classic Plus is interesting,” says Tim Jones, assistant lead Classic designer, during a roundtable interview with several journalists. “It means so many different things to so many different people. Whether that’s keeping Classic WoW the way it is with slight tweaks to certain under-represented classes to make sure Red Paladins are more viable, but ‘don’t make any changes to Molten Core.”

“Then there are some people who want new dungeons or a new zone. There’s no one thing we can do to satisfy all players. So I will say that seasonal content is an opportunity for us to explore things that people might be interested in that exist in whatever they’re pitching for their ideal Classic Plus.”