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Achievements Are Starting To Unlock On The Epic Games Store


Epic has said that “certain games” on the store will start to show notifications of achievements as they are unlocked.

Achievements have been on Epic’s to-do list for over a year now, but it looks like they are finally on their way.

The Epic store recently graced users with this tweet to inform us of the changes:

Even though Epic Games has mentioned that “ certain games” will begin to display achievements as they are unlocked, so far the only game to receive this new feature is Ark: Survival Evolved. A lot of people seem to be unimpressed by the time it has taken for this update on the store which is understandable.

The store’s achievements will now mimic Sony’s Trophy system, with Gold, silver, and bronze trophies assigned to each achievement. Each achievement will also be classified by their rarity, For instance, “common”. Epic has given a disclaimer though that this feature is still in its early stages and is subject to change.

There has apparently been some confusion about which games will actually support achievements as they are not all visible on the store yet.

While Epic hasn’t told us anything about this update except that sparse tweet, the Epic Games Store roadmap on Trello has listed them as “Up Next”, along with support for the game mods, a “Trending” category on their main page, and dynamic price adjustments for bundles.

Many users have been up in arms in the past because of Epic’s exclusivity deals which have been depriving users on the other platforms such as Steam from playing new games when they are launched. Instead, they have to wait for an entire year to be able to play these games which is undeniably annoying.