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Splinter Cell Coming To Netflix As An Anime Adaptation


Ubisoft and Netflix are teaming up to make an anime adaptation of Splinter Cell with Derek Kolstad “the creator of John Wick”.

Splinter Cell is an action-adventure that needs no introduction. This Tom Clancy classic became an instant hit with fans of the genre.

The writer of the new Splinter Cell installment Derek Kolstad is not only known for his work on all three John Wick movies, he is also known for co-creating the Quibi series Die Hart starring Kevin Hart and John Travolta.

Splinter Cell Coming To Netflix As An Anime Adaptation

Apparently, the Splinter Cell anime has already received a two-season, 16-episode order from Netflix which is promising as far as a new series goes.

The lead antagonist Sam Fisher seems to have finally been given another mission after seven years of being AWOL, with no real achievements in the world of Splinter Cell to speak of. So where has this ex-black Ops/Third Echelon assassin been these past seven years? Hopefully, Netflix will be showing us in this new anime series.

The original Splinter Cell debuted in 2002 and the storyline follows Sam Fisher who is a highly trained agent of the fictional black-ops sub-division of the NSA called the third Echelon division. The player controls Fisher to overcome his adversaries. You are supported in the field by your own high-tech remote team.

There are four main characters in the series namely:

  • Sam Fisher: The main protagonist of the series
  • Irving Lambert: Leader of the Third Echelon and serves as Sam’s guide by leading him through the game’s missions until he is killed by Sam in Double Agent.
  • Anna “Grim” Grimsdóttír: She is the hacker and analyst, who helps when Fisher has technical obstacles to overcome.
  • Sarah Fisher: Sam Fisher’s daughter and sole family member. She was presumed dead in Double Agent but this proves to be a deception in the later installation Deception.
Splinter Cell Coming To Netflix As An Anime Adaptation

There were plans to adapt Splinter Cell into a movie starring Tom Hardy but since the hype 15 years ago (including a teaser included in Chaos Theory), there has been no new news on the matter.

The last time that we saw Sam Fisher in a game was Blacklist way back in 2013. We can only hope that the years have been good to him and that this new series will do him and his character justice.