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After Completing Cyberpunk 2077, CDPR Releases A New Witcher 4 Update


CD Projekt Red confirms that over 400 developers may end up working on The Witcher 4’s largest development team

To say the least, The Witcher 4 is thrilling. I’ve been waiting for news on CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited Witcher 3 sequel for a long time, and it appears that I’ve finally gotten some. CD Projekt Red recently released its quarterly financial results, which provide insight into the developer’s ongoing projects. We now know that the Polaris team, CDPR’s Witcher 4-focused group of developers, is the largest in the company.

This means that The Witcher 4 has surpassed Cyberpunk 2077 in terms of CD Projekt Red’s largest development team. CDPR CEO Adam Kiciski revealed during the company’s third-quarter earnings conference that the Polaris team will only grow in size. “It’s expected to grow to over 400 by mid-next year,” Kiciński said, “having reached almost 330 developers at the end of last month.”

The Molasses Flood’s team, which leads a Witcher spinoff game dubbed ‘Project Sirius,’ was revealed at the November 28 conference. The conference’s charts also feature an impressive team for Cyberpunk’s Phantom Liberty expansion, as well as the RPG game’s upcoming Ultimate Edition.

According to Kiciski, CD Projekt Red and The Molasses Flood employ a total of 700 developers. This means that developers working on The Witcher 4 and its spinoff game account for half or more of all developers. In comparison, VGC  reported following the previous quarterly conference that Cyberpunk’s Phantom Liberty team, CDPR’s previous largest, had around 300 developers.