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August 2020 Updates


Welcome one and all to the August updates …

Over the weekend our developers were hard at work with the scheduled maintenance we had planned. Not only were there bugs to root out, but we had some organizing planned along with some optimizing too. Let us not forget the biggest change amongst our August updates. The migration!

With the Migration done the website will have much better loading and processing speeds on both ends, which improves the user experience as well as the staff’s work capabilities. The new host service also offers dedicated support to the website’s platform itself.

Notable Updates and Changes:

  • Website Migration
  • Review Sub Categories Optimisation and Organizing. (Improved drop-down menus by adding additional sub categories)
  • Post display updates and improvements.
  • Digital Shop one step closer to a Beta Release.
  • Numerous small error fixes.

Notable Issues we are looking into:

  • Features Image cutting off.
  • Image Captions not properly displaying.
  • Hyperlinked Items not properly displaying.

We thank you all for the continued patience and support with these August updates. Have a fantastic and safe week out there!

August 2022 Update: It is has been a while since this article and we’ve come such a long way but alot has changed in order to put us on the right track. If you’ve been with us for a few years then we thank you, your support is greatly appreciated; if you’re newly joining us then we do hope that you’ll stick around during our somewhat of an overhaul.