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Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020


Battle royale games are gaining in popularity and here are some of the better ones you should play this year.

These games are nothing new and as they are rapidly gaining traction, the number of games as well as players are multiplying exponentially.

Some of the bigger names you might be familiar with are Fortnite, PUBG, Call Of Duty: Warzone and Apex legends.

The concept is pretty easy to understand, numerous players enter the map and fight to be the last player or squad standing. Maps typically have a safe zone that gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses which forces the players to go into combat with each other.

As there are now many of these games around and many more in the development stages each of them seems to be coming out with its own unique twists.

These twists include: Magic powers, hero abilities and even the Ability to revive fallen teammates.

Here are some of the more interesting Battle Royales out there and a little about their storyline.

  • Hyper Scape: This title is developed by Ubisoft and will be a free-to-play game that takes place in a dense futuristic city. Loot and weapons are streamlined, and you regenerate automatically instead of through pick-ups.
  • Worms Rumble: You are one of 32 worms that battle against other worms and this game has real-time combat included. The game is due for release this year
Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020
  • Call Of Duty: Warzone: CoD’s unique twist is the Gulag, which is a fighting pit where you can compete for a second chance to play if you have already died. They also made a second mode called Plunder where you can earn and steal money to be the ultimate winner.
  • Fortnite: This extremely popular Battle Royale is developed by Epic games and they are not shy about adding things like 50v50, changing maps, or adding airplanes of all things.
  • Apex Legends: This popular game combines a last-man-standing formula with a hero squad shooter.
Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020
  • PUBG: This game still draws hundreds of thousands of players daily since its release in 2017. The developers are adding new things constantly such as weapons, vehicles, new modes, and more maps.
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops; Blackout: This game creates tons of nostalgia as it recreates numerous locations from earlier CoD games. This game is enjoyed with grappling hooks and ray guns.
Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020
  • Forza Horizon 4: The Eliminator: You can race around the map with 71 other players in this game searching for upgraded vehicles and racing each other to be the last one standing.
  • Dying Light:  Bad Blood: The developers Techland have created a 12 player PVP mode to compliment its open-world zombie survival sandbox game.
  • Battlefield 5 Firestorm: This games matches are played on the largest map in Battlefield history. The game supports 64 players in a highly destructive environment.
Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020
  • Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: A circle of fire closes in around 52 players in teams of 4, all of whom are competing to be the next overseer of vault 51.
  • Maelstrom: A fun and beautiful ship combat BR. Players do battle on the high seas and try to avoid sea monsters.
  • Cuisine Royale: A fun game available on Steam that was originally created as an April fools’ joke. The gimmick here is that your armor is made up of kitchen utensils such as waffle irons, pots, and colanders.
Battle Royale Games To Play In 2020
  • Darwin Project: In this game, you can track down your enemies by following their footsteps in the snow and have the advantage when trying to be the last man standing.

These are just some of the most popular and fun Battle Royales out there at the moment or coming this year and if you are a BR fan you might want to give them a try.