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Ninja May Have Found A New Streaming Home


The cat seems to be out of the bag as all signs point to the fact that Ninja has found himself a new streaming home.

A test stream on YouTube that has since been deleted may seem to suggest that Tyler Blevins or “Ninja” as he is known will be moving to YouTube for all his game streaming from now on.

The very popular Fortnite streamer (and Valorant lately too) was offered a lot of money last year to move his streaming channel from Twitch to Mixer. He took this offer but now that Mixer has shut down, he seems to be without a platform to stream on. We can only speculate as to his next move.

Will he move back to Twitch where he was already exceedingly popular or will he maybe move over to YouTube?

If we go according to Twitter, we see multiple Tweets on the subject.

Another Tweet by his wife and manager Jessica Blevins stated that “you’ve all been patient this week will be fun”, suggesting a big announcement pending.

Ninja May Have Found A New Streaming Home

YouTube is gaining popularity with Streamers and is the exclusive home of PewDiePie and Activision-Blizzard esports like Overwatch League.

YouTube may be cashing in on its competitor’s downfall as it now goes head to head with Twitch for the number one spot.

Ninja May Have Found A New Streaming Home

Apparently, Facebook Gaming and Microsoft are pairing up to offer Partnered streamers comparable deals on Facebook.

Although if it is between that and YouTube, the likelihood will be that YouTube would be his new preferred platform. journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau reported that Facebook presented an “insane offer” to keep Ninja on board, but the streamer said no.