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BioWare Pushes Forward With Mass Effect 5 Amid EA Layoffs

BioWare Pushes Forward With Mass Effect 5 Amid EA Layoffs

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Takes Priority as Respawn’s Star Wars Project Meets its End

In the wake of Electronic Arts’ (EA) recent layoffs affecting nearly 700 employees, reports emerge regarding the status of BioWare’s anticipated projects.

Following EA’s announcement of significant layoffs and the cancellation of a new game from Respawn Entertainment, reports indicate that Mass Effect 5 is still in progress, albeit in pre-production. Meanwhile, BioWare’s primary focus remains on advancing the development of Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

According to IGN’s recent report , despite the restructuring at EA, a team within BioWare continues to work on laying the groundwork for the next installment in the Mass Effect series. While Mass Effect 5 has been in pre-production for some time, the confirmation offers reassurance to fans that the project remains active amidst the company’s organizational changes.

Mass Effect 5 gameplay footage teaser depicting two characters along a road.

The journey towards Mass Effect 5 began in 2020 with its initial announcement. Since then, the game has teased fans with glimpses of its futuristic world, including a recent teaser showcasing a captivating cityscape. Speculation has also arisen regarding the potential return of the iconic Paragon and Renegade system, adding to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming title.

Meanwhile, EA’s broader restructuring efforts have seen the closure of Ridgeline Games and the cancellation of a new Battlefield installment. Additionally, the termination of a Star Wars first-person shooter project, previously in development at Respawn Entertainment, has been confirmed.

These developments come in the wake of Sony’s recent layoffs affecting 900 developers and the closure of its London Studio. Notably, studios such as Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games were among those impacted, with Sony also announcing the cancellation of undisclosed projects.

The official teaser trailer for Mass Effect 5: