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Borderlands GOTY Free To Play For A Limited Time


This enhanced Ultra HD remaster of the original shooter-looter including all four of the DLC add-ons, is free to play for a limited time on Steam and Xbox One.

If you have never played this super popular game you will want to try it out. Although we warn you with all the added DLC’s you won’t get through the entire game and will want to buy the full game. If you do decide to buy the full game, all your progress will be saved, which is a huge relief.

Explore Pandora as Brick the Berserker, Lilith the Siren, Mordecai the Hunter, and Roland the Soldier causing mayhem and destruction as you go. For our full review click here.

This incredible offer is available up until April 23 – 9:59 AM PDT / 12:59 PM PDT / 5:59 PM BST, April 24 – 12:59 AM GMT+8 / 2:59 AM AEST on Steam and up until April 22 – 11:59 PM PDT, April 23 – 2:59 AM EDT / 7:59 AM BST / 2:59 PM GMT+8 / 4:59 PM AEST on Xbox One.


As a brief overview of the game, it goes as such:

“In the distant future of the year 2864, several colonization ships head to a planet on the edge of the galaxy: Pandora. The colonists are drawn there in search of a better life as well as vast mineral resources that are said to be on the planet, free for the taking.
Some time after settling, the colonists discover that the planet offers little aside from decrepit alien ruins. When the companies mining the planet leave, they let loose the criminals they had employed as forced labor and left any other colonists there. Some of the settlers seek to get rich quick by discovering alien technology, most others are just trying to survive. After seven Earth years, the planet’s slow orbit brings a transition from winter to spring, and many dangerous, horrifying creatures begin to emerge from hibernation, making Pandora even more dangerous.”
– Borderlands Fandom.

Go on! Go grab your copy now!