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Final Fantasy Players Honor Fallen Comrade In Virtual Funeral


On Saturday the 11th of April numerous Final Fantasy XIV players clad their avatars in black and many holding umbrellas, marched through the city of Ul’dah to the Guardian tree in honor of their fallen friend.

Ferne Le’roy was a well-loved Final Fantasy player that had recently succumbed to the COVID-19 Virus. As such her friend and fellow gamer “Leafelda Moonchild” helped to organize a beautiful funeral procession to honor her life. She was quoted as saying:

“I didn’t expect anyone to actually show up”.

Show up they did, not only from her server Zalera but from other servers as well.

The original Facebook post read:

“One of our own was lost to COVID-19,” Now’s the time to show up and show out for a fallen Zalera player … Remember the fallen, or no one else will.

This beautiful and moving funeral procession lasted just under an hour.

You can watch some of the procession here.

It always warms our hearts to see the gaming community coming together at times like this.

This Virus has devastated the population and its acts like this that show that we are still human.