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Bungie’s Recent Job Listings Hint At Increased Workforce To Over 1,400 Employees


Destiny 2 Developer Expands Team Following Acquisition and Layoffs

According to Forbes, recent job postings at Bungie, known for its popular game Destiny 2, suggest that the studio has grown its staff to over 1,400 employees. This increase comes shortly after a significant round of layoffs and the studio’s acquisition by Sony for $3.6 billion.

Bungie, recognized for games like Marathon and Destiny 2, is not only working on expanding its existing titles but is also developing a new extraction shooter, Marathon, and a completely original IP. The studio’s recent job listings for the Payroll Manager role indicate a substantial rise in the number of employees.

Destiny 2 cover art

Following its acquisition by Sony, Bungie has joined the list of PlayStation studios facing some restructuring, including layoffs. While Destiny 2 remains a focus, Bungie is also actively involved in the development of other projects, including their new original IP.

Bloomberg previously reported that Bungie was internally assessing Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 multiplayer spin-off, leading to a project suspension. The exact details and roles of each employee in the expanded team remain undisclosed, with the studio concentrating on enhancing Destiny 2, developing new IPs, and contributing to Sony’s Live Service Games. The recent growth in Bungie’s workforce reflects the dynamic nature of the gaming industry and the studio’s commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences.