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CD Projekt Red’s WitcherCon What To Expect


WitcherCon will be happening next month, here Is what you can expect from the online event.

On the official website, the event is described as: “ a global virtual celebration of The Witcher! This digital convention will be streamed on both Netflix and CD Projekt Red’s YouTube and Twitch channels and will be available for co-streaming.”

The organizers of the event have stated that it will be a coming together of The Witcher Video Games and The Witcher Netflix series for an event “full of surprises and exclusive first looks”.

Some of the things we can expect from the event are: “Deep Dives into the making of The Witcher games, Live-action series, anime film, and merchandise, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.” There will also be Interactive panels with the people behind the scenes as well as breaking news from the Netflix series and reveals from across The Witcher franchise.

They did mention on the site that there will be “no new Witcher game” announced at Witchercon but that there will still be many reasons to tune in to the event. The 1st official stream of the event will take place on the 9th of July at 7 pm CEST.

The official schedule was posted via Twitter :

There will even be a panel discussion with “The White Wolf” himself Henri Cavill, which could be exciting. Who knows what insights about The Witcher he’ll have to share with us, and he might even show us his completed gaming PC.

Season 2 of The Witcher 2 is coming soon and the series has also apparently been renewed for a third season so there will undoubtedly be a lot to discuss regarding the Live-action series in this upcoming event.

CD Projekt Red's WitcherCon What To Expect

while not introducing the next series entry at WitcherCon. CD Projekt could unveil fresh details regarding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s next-gen update, which is set to debut in the second half of 2021.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be available as a single product for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5, as well as a free update for existing PC, Xbox One, and PS4 owners. Saber Interactive, the studio behind The Witcher 3’s Nintendo Switch port, is working on the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 ports externally.

We will be keeping up with the latest news on this exciting event so stay tuned to MGR Gaming to be kept in the loop.