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Community is what we are all about


The Next step…

As you all know by now; Our biggest goal is to serve our community, fully and wholeheartedly. We do this by bringing you the latest Gaming and Tech news and Reviews. We host a variety of additional services, such as our Public Social Gaming Discord Server. We also provide support to Content Creators and Entrepreneurs.

We are always looking to see how we can further our goals and support to you, our community.  We have been working in the background with some Freelancers and have created a Freelancer Platform in a sense. These Freelancers will take part in several areas of MGR Gaming, working with us, building up partnerships whilst bringing you more of everything.

The first of the Freelancer Projects is already up and running in the background. Video Content. The selected Freelancers will be working closely with is creating video content for you. These videos will range from Unboxing videos, Video Reviews and Gameplay Videos, and more. The goal here wasn’t to pick the most known Creators but to work hand in hand with the lesser known and upcoming creators. This does mean that some may be green and still learning the ropes. We hope that you will be patient and encourage them as they work to create quality content for you.

As this project grows, so will they grow and thus our partnership. It is a key goal for us to form positive relations with the community and all our partners. This goes for current and future partners. We would much rather work with people than against them. Life is easier that way and a whole lot more fun… Everything else can be left for PVP.