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Doom Plays On Commercial Kitchen Tool


A Doom fan has discovered a way to play the classic first-person shooter on a commercial kitchen tool.

Doom is a much-loved popular First-Person Shooter that dates back to 1993 and has been played on many a console.

Fans have strayed from the conventional over the years and found some strange objects that that will run the game. These range from, an ATM, a printer, an Apple watch, a graphics calculator, a camera, and even a pregnancy test.

It seems fans are out to see which is the weirdest place that will run Doom. One Tech-minded fan has managed to get the game to run on a piece of kitchenware that is used in commercial kitchens. Called the OAsys IPadSX, the device is a display system used by many commercial kitchens and restaurants around the world to display the queue of upcoming orders.

This information comes to us via a YouTube channel called “This Does Not Compute”, which is a channel about retro computers, games, and DIY projects.

The device uses a Pentium CPU and DDR3 ram, it runs on a form of MS-DOS called X-DOS. The host of video Colin tried his hand at installing Windows on it via SD card and USB, but neither worked.

Doom was originally programmed to run in MS-DOS, like other games of that era and as the device uses X-Dos, Colin had to get it to run a form of MS-DOS to be able to run the game successfully.

He eventually has MS-DOS 6.22 installed on it, as well as the shareware version of Doom. He then gets Doom up and running by connecting an external keyboard to the PS/2 port and using the PC speaker for music. It also moves at a reasonable rate. In the video, Colin mentioned how he was “actually surprised at how playable this is”.

Doom Plays On Commercial Kitchen Tool

It seems that the conclusion that was reached with this little experiment is that Doom will run pretty successfully on the OAsys IPadSX. Colin added that further optimization could be done in order to get the game running even better on the kitchen appliance.

If you are a fan of the game and would like to try running it on the Kitchen device the team left instructions and resources in the video’s description.

All that’s left to do now is try it for yourself, or find another machine with daily mundane usage and try running this classic game on it.