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Death Stranding will include Half-Life Content


The Highly anticipated PC game coming 2 June 2020. Death Stranding is based on the premise that us humans are made of two components, our body and our soul and that when we die, we go to another dimension before we go to our final destination. This dimension is a kind of black sandy beach baron and devoid of end.

In this story this dimension crashes violently into ours causing an apocalyptic event called “Death Stranding”.

When dead matter from the world of the living collides with Beached Things (aka BTs) from the realm of the dead, it creates a massive explosion called a voidout.

There’s more. There are catastrophic explosions and when matter from the other world mixes with ours it creates a semi-regular rain called Timefall, which accelerates the aging of everything it touches.

You (Sam Porter Bridges) are tasked with couriering items as they are needed between locations inhabited by pockets of mankind.

You are also tasked with taking care of the transported fetus BB (Linked Child).

That is all I will say about that if you wish to know more you can go through a full walk through at your leisure.

Death Stranding will include Half-Life Content 2

So along with some PC-only features like ultrawide support, the game will include crossover content with Half-Life, including a wearable head crab.

Kojima Productions has also revealed that the studio will be adding a “Valve” head cosmetic which will stick out of the back of Sam Bridges’ head.

So, all in all this looks like an exciting new game for Kojima and Half-life fans alike.