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New Marvel Mobile Game Announced


Netmarble has announced a new game to grace our mobile platforms is in the making. 

Future Revolution, the new Marvel mobile game announced, was announced at PAX East two days ago. It will be an open-world RPG starring a large cast of Marvel heroes and villains based on a story written by Marvel Comics writer Marc Sumerak.

Sumerak also worked on the last Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 video game for the Nintendo Switch. According to him the story will include “numerous Earths converging across all dimensions to form an entirely-new ‘Primary Earth.’”

Have a look at the trailer:


What Is It?

Marvel’s Future Revolution is an online open-world action RPG mobile game that has features both a decent single player campaign as well as supporting multiplayer.

At the start of the Convergence, multiple dimensions began collapsing into one another, different Earths threatening to collide and destroy themselves. Many dimensions fell. Some survived…By the hand of the Vision, whose core helped create the first Convergence Engine.” – Game Overview

Netmarble and Marvel have a strong working relationship due to the hit mobile game Marvel: Future Fight which has reached over 70 million players since 2015.

Unfortunately, there is no release date as of yet and no price tag but we are definitely looking forward to this game as we at MGR gaming are big Marvel universe fans.