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Desere Vermaak Creating Striking And Unique Artworks


Bringing beauty to the world one painted masterpiece at a time.

Desere Vermaak is a law student with a passion for art and gaming. She paints beautiful works of art on Canvas, Clothing, desks, chairs, and other surfaces.

She started her business in 2016 with an Avengers commission for a young boy and ever since has been selling her unique painted and printed artworks on request.

Desere Vermaak Creating Striking And Unique Artworks

Justanotherartloser is a side business for Desere as she is focused on her law studies and this pastime helps to pay her bills because as we know a law degree isn’t cheap. Especially in this tough time that is facing us all with the Pandemic looming and money being scarcer than ever.

We always ask the small businesses that we interview to give us there 5- year plan and as for Desere, in five-years, she would like to see herself still selling her artworks as she works towards that much sought-after law degree.

Desere Vermaak Creating Striking And Unique Artworks

Desere is a self-taught artist and the mediums she specializes in are watercolour, acrylic, markers, pen, and pencil. The pieces she is most known for are Superhero and Pop culture related although she does do custom commissions to your specifications.

So, if you are in the market for a one of a kind piece for your gaming room, your home, or your mancave that is both fun and eye-catching. You should go and have a look at her artworks and support this up and coming talent as she works to support her dream and at the same time making ends meet.

Desere Vermaak Creating Striking And Unique Artworks

Desere is only one of many people that are now turning to their hobbies and passions to bring in an income in a time of turmoil and uncertainty and it is up to us in the community to give a helping hand where we can. We do this by supporting small businesses such as justanotherartloser.

If you are intrigued and would like to view her previous work as well as get in touch with her you can get hold of her in one of the following ways:

Instagram: justanotherartloser

Facebook: Desere Vermaak