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Discord Facelift


Out with the old and in with the new.

Our Discord server is all but new. It has been floating around quietly for quite a few years and mostly served the purpose of another front where we shared all our published content. It has its own Free Game Key drops and then its own competitions.

The MGR Gaming server is also used for co-op gaming and general communications. However, in recent weeks we started looking at upgrading it so that we can provide more to the community on this front. By providing more we mean, a more open and easier to access server where you can find local and international friends to play your favourite games with.
We have always had game rooms for the games that were suggested. These are still a thing, the same goes for the general discussion sections and the guide sections.

With the latest Discord update, we suffered some serious issues regarding the server. The majority of our existing channels and categories got deleted and a massive list of our members got kicked. This was in no way intentional, and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

If you were one of the members that got kicked, you have our humble apologies. For those that were not affected, the server has removed any roles you previously had, so you will need to go to our #welcome channel and follow the steps from there to get your role back.

We upgraded our server to a community-based server, so there are some unique changes that took place, such as every user having to agree to our rules before being allowed to use the server. The reaction roles are still a thing, and some movements to them are coming soon. With the loss of the original categories, all post history is gone, unfortunately. Lost guides and other nifty information we will put back asap to continue offering you the best possible experience.

Some nifty things to come.

  • A dedicated tech category where you can ask for assistance in any tech related issues you may have.
  • A brand new Discord exclusive competition will go live soon.
  • 50 Steam Game Key Drops will also go live soon, exclusive to Discord.
  • Then something even bigger, a Competitive Game Tournament is also in the works.

Join us here

As always, we will do our best to provide you with the best possible serviceā€¦

Have a great week and stay safe my fellow gamers.