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Embracer Group Buys Gearbox Entertainment


The Embracer group has announced their acquisition of Gearbox Entertainment.

The Embracer group which is THQ Nordic’s parent group has made the official announcement of their acquisition of Gearbox entertainment for no less than $ 1.3 billion.

As well as being THQ’S parent company Embracer also owns Koch Media, Deca, and Saber Interactive among several others.

The official press release states that this deal will allow Gearbox to collaborate with Embracer and utilize its resources to continue developing games and franchises.

This is what Gearbox had to say about the acquisition:

“The feeling at Gearbox is that we are just getting started and this transaction is not merely a stimulant for the talent of our employee-owned company, but a propellent for the exciting future we have planned.”

Embracer will now have access to Gearbox’s extensive franchise collection including Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, and Duke Nukem among numerous others.

The head of Gearbox Randy Pitchford will reportedly stay at the head of the studio that Embracer has called “arguably one of the most creative and valuable independent developers in the world”.

Embracer is known for acquiring studios and last year November they acquired 18 studios in a single day which is a feat in itself.

Embracer Group Buys Gearbox Entertainment

In May of last year, Embracer reportedly had 118 games in development which is probably a lot higher now. The biggest game they are currently working on is Biomutant which has been set to be released on the 25th of May 2021.

Gearbox has been successful as well, having Launched the highly popular ARPG Borderlands 3 last year with great success, apparently selling over 8 million copies worldwide. It was then announced that The Borderlands movie was being made that will star Kevin Hart and Cate Blanchett.

Gearbox has plans to expand at both internal studios and will be looking to develop both existing and new IP going forward. There is no word as to which existing IP Gearbox is looking to expand, but the probability that it will be the Borderlands franchise is very high.

Embracer has apparently got more than 5,500 people in its employ worldwide and now Gearbox’s two studios, one in Texas and the other in Quebec will be added to that massive list.

Embracer has already got a reported 57 internal game development studios that are spread across 40 countries.

By the look of things The Embracer group is snapping up studios left right and centre, who will be next we wonder.