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Epic To Give Away 15 Free Games At One A Day


The Epic Store will be giving away a free game every day for 15 days in a row starting from next week.

Epic Is starting their Holiday sale on the 17th of December and it looks to be a big one.

There is not much information on the sale itself, but what we do know is that Some games are said to be cut by 75%, which is huge.

What’s even bigger though is the fact that Epic has decided to sweeten the deal with a freebie game every day for 15 whole days. That’s 15 free games to add to your Epic account, who wouldn’t want that.

The news came via this Tweet and various other leaked sources. It’s not all good news though as you only have 24 hours to claim each game before it disappears, so you will have to hurry. The game will however be yours forever once you have managed to claim it.

This is a good way to get us to check out the storefront on a daily basis till the sale is over, So we can check out the freebie for the day, well played Epic.

In Last year’s Holiday sale Epic gave away $10 coupons to everyone to spend on anything in the store that our hearts desired, but if there will be a similar system this year or something totally different no one has divulged yet.

If you are impatient and would like free stuff now rather than later, you might recall we recently wrote about two games that are currently free on Epic. Tyranny and Pillars Of Eternity. We suggest you check them out.

We will be keeping you up to date with all the news regarding Epic’s Holiday sale for 2020 as it comes in so stay tuned for more.