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Excessive Microtransactions In New Red Dead Redemption Update


The Newest Red Dead Redemption update has got fans up in arms saying there are too many microtransactions in this latest installment.

Fans are expressing concerns that Rockstar games have added an excessive amount of microtransactions to the “Bounty Hunter” update.

In case you are unaware, Gold bars are the in-game currency used for Red Dead Redemption and this currency is only acquired when you purchase them with real money.

The most noticeable change to the game is the change to the Outlaw pass, which is a season pass with added gear and cosmetics. Other games will allow you to buy the next battle pass with money that you have acquired by levelling up. This was also offered with the previous RDO Outlaw passes.

This has all changed though and the new Outlaw pass will now set you back a whole 40 Gold Bars which is about R 230.

With the 40 gold bars purchase, you will of course be able to unlock more rewards, but the problem is that unlike the last Bounty Hunter update, you can’t earn back all of your gold bars. You can now only earn 30 gold bars and this is assuming that you achieve all of the level tiers. Which means one way or another you will have to fork out real cash.

Excessive Microtransactions In New Red Dead Redemption Update

Players can of course gain in-game gold by completing the daily challenges, but this would require maintaining a streak of a challenge a day. Doing this you can earn 0.4 Gold Bars for each challenger which will eventually add up.

Unfortunately for us though the game’s developers have decided to reset the challenge streaks after 28 days and they have also halved the daily challenge earnings. Because of this, you will need to increase the in-game grind just to keep up.

To top this off fans are saying that some of the items awarded from the new Battle Pass are “Underwhelming” or even “Ugly”.

A notable change to Red Dead Online is that you no longer have to own a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 to play. Apparently, until the 21st of February 2021, a stand-alone copy of Red Dead Online will cost a mere $4.99 before it will be increased to $19.99.

Red Dead Redemption will undoubtedly lose a large portion of their current players with this new money greedy attitude, but it seems they are trying to redeem themselves in other ways with the new update. Time will tell if this game will stand the test of monetization.