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Fan Remake Of Tomb Raider 2 Gets Photomode


The creators of the fan made remake of Tomb Raider 2 “The Dagger Of Xian” have added more content with the use of Unreal Engine 4.

Back In August of 2017 the fan creator Nicobass gave fans a treat with his release of “Dagger Of Xian”, which is his remake of Tomb Raider 2.

The remake was built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4 and was meant to “envision Tomb Raider 2 with the modern games in mind.”

Nicobass has poured his heart and soul into this project even going so far as to contact Crystal Dynamics personally and get their approval. The company has agreed that he can continue with the project as long as it remains non-profit.

Since its release, the project went stagnant until a few months ago with this Tweet sent out by Nicobass personally.

In a further tweet, he references an easter egg involving her butler. In Tomb Raider 2 the butler can follow Lara around wherever she goes and some fans lured him into the freezer and locked him in there to prevent him from following her.

It seems he has been working very hard on the project lately as it has most recently been updated with a photomode as well as some other improvements to the aesthetics.

These improvements include new water simulation rendering, Volumetric Lighting, an alternative outfit for Lara, and more characters models in the Rewards menu. You also have the option to highlight climbable ledges with white decals if you wish or you can stick to the old difficulty if that’s more your style.

Other additions include more foliage interaction, new dead boy models, and some small improvements in Lara’s animations.

The Dagger Of Xian is being worked on by Nicobaas and various other fan modders. It is only a portion of the full game and it is reported that an upcoming update will add Croft Manor as a playable area.

He has now shared two new screenshots showing Croft Manor, which are indicative of the love that is being poured into this project as these are beautiful to behold.

Fan Remake Of Tomb Raider 2 Gets Photomode
Fan Remake Of Tomb Raider 2 Gets Photomode

If you haven’t yet seen the remake and are a fan of The Tomb Raider franchise or are just curious you can download The Dagger Of Xian Demo here.