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Fans Are Dissatisfied With The Devil May Cry Tease


Devil May Cry 6 is still missing, and there is no word on a potential sequel

It’s been almost five years since Devil May Cry 5, which sold and received positive reviews. The implication is that Devil May Cry 6 will be released sooner rather than later by Capcom, but there has been no official word on the game, nor have there been any rumours pointing to the existence of a new Devil May Cry. On December 6, however, there was a cryptic tweet from Casey Edwards. For those who are unfamiliar with this name, Edwards is the composer of Devil May Cry 5.

Edwards specifically tweeted, “So, what if I were to write more official Devil May Cry music?” The eyes emoji was then used. And because it was the day before The Game Awards, Devil May Cry fans assumed Devil May Cry 6 would be announced at the show. Not only did this not occur, but something even worse occurred for Devil May Cry fans. A day later, Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat was announced, seemingly confirming that this has nothing to do with Devil May Cry 6.

Devil May Cry characters in an intense conversation

What is Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat?

It’s a new mobile game that will be released in January 2024. If you’re interested in the game, you can learn more about it here, but the point is that it wasn’t the news that Devil May Cry fans were hoping for. For what it’s worth, there’s no direct link between this announcement and Edwards’ tweet, but the timing is clearly not coincidental.

Unfortunately, while Devil May Cry 6 is unavoidable, there is no way of knowing how close it is. Capcom is a very busy studio, and the series’ creator, Hideaki Itsuno, is currently working on Dragon’s Dogma II, which is set to be released next year. After that, perhaps he and his team will shift their attention to the next Devil May Cry game.