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The Sims 4 For Rent, The Latest And Potentially Greatest Pack Yet


For Rent is the Sims 4’s “most impactful” pack to date, adding “a new layer” on how to play…

The Sims 4 senior designer Jessica Croft and lead producer Rebecca Doyle spoke with PCGamesN about the latest expansion and how it came together. In For Rent, players can build multi-family homes and use them to give their Sims new roles, such as landlord and tenant. Other new housing-focused features make The Sims 4 more lifelike than ever before.

When asked if For Rent was the largest expansion to date, Croft says it “was certainly a lot of work to put together” and that it is the largest in terms of being the “most impactful” expansion for the game. It also adds “a new layer” to our experience with The Sims 4. Croft describes the pack as having a lot of “relatable experiences for a lot of folks,” which show both sides of renting out or living in rental properties.

The Sims 4 For Rent, The Latest And Potentially Greatest Pack Yet

For Rent players must cope with severe issues such as faulty utilities, mold, and vermin, as well as heartwarming themes such as potlucks, tight-knit communities, parties, and more. Croft explains that the team had “navigate that with caution and respect,” and that it is “important for us to be able to approach topics that are a little raw.” The pack has received mixed reactions from fans, with some excited to take on the new roles offered by the expansion and others saying it’s just a little too similar to the City Living pack released seven years prior. This is most visible on the expansion’s Steam page, which has received mostly negative feedback since its release last month, though many of the complaints are about performance rather