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Fans Can Vote For Their Favorite Monster In Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Poll


“All 229 Monster Hunter series monsters, big and small”

Monster Hunter, Capcom’s insanely popular series, is approaching its 20th anniversary and wants to figure out what the “top monster” in the series’ history is.

To that end, it is hosting a special 20th-anniversary poll in which fans of the series can vote on their favorite monster of all time. There are apparently 229 monsters to choose from, and the poll is open until December 20th.

One of the fierce Monsters available in Monster Hunter.

“All 229 Monster Hunter series monsters, big and small, are on the ballots! Vote for your favorite one!”

To participate, you must have a Capcom ID, and only one vote per account is permitted. If you participate, you’ll receive a free-themed wallpaper with brand-new artwork. When the votes are tallied, the Monster Hunter development team will create an original illustration featuring the top three monsters.

Image advertising the 20th Anniversary of Monster Hunter.

Capcom has also released the “full” anniversary artwork, which includes both hunters and monsters, as seen in the image above.

All of this is leading up to the 20th anniversary, which will be held in March 2024. Capcom has so far teased a new piece of artwork and expressed gratitude to fans for their support. Something else could be on the way as well:

“With these 20 years of success behind us, we hope to ride this momentum and bring you bigger, better, and even more exciting hunting experiences that will thrill and surprise you. We invite you, dear hunters, to join us on the journey ahead. Happy Hunting! The Monster Hunter Team”