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Nintendo Is Aware Of A Bug In The Super Mario RPG


The “Paratroopa” bug is impeding progress. In December, a patch will be made available.

Following the release of Super Mario RPG on the Switch last week, Nintendo issued an update on its customer support page revealing the discovery of a bug that may halt progress.

To address this issue, a software patch will be released next month.

Super Mario Bros art depicting Mario on a dragon.

For the time being, here are the specifics of this bug, as well as a workaround:

Notice Regarding a Bug in Super Mario RPG:

“Bug contents: In some cases, after the Paratroopa event triggers in Monstro Town, the Paratroopas will not appear when you go to Land’s End, causing you to become unable to progress in the game.”

“Bug workaround: If you encounter this bug, you should go to the Mushroom Kingdom, and then return to Land’s End again. Doing so should make the Paratroopas appear as intended.”


– There’s no need for you to go inside the castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. The bug should be fixed if you enter the town around the castle.

– It’s fine for you to use the map to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom.

– When returning to Land’s End from the Mushroom Kingdom, you can either use the map or the “To World Map” option.”