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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Requires Massive 145GB Storage Space On PS5

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Requires Massive 145GB Storage Space On PS5

The upcoming sequel demands substantial storage, signaling an epic adventure for players eager to delve into Cloud and the company’s next journey

As the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth approaches, players on the PlayStation 5 are faced with a significant storage demand. Director Tetsuya Nomura has indicated that the game will require a substantial 145GB of storage space on the PS5.

This information comes from PlayStation Game Size, a reliable source for tracking game sizes on the PlayStation Network. The sizable storage requirement suggests that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be an expansive and content-rich experience, promising players an epic adventure.

As the release date of 29th February approaches, players are advised to prepare their PS5 storage by making necessary decisions, potentially clearing space for the upcoming title. The announcement of another State of Play showcase dedicated entirely to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth adds to the anticipation, providing fans with more insights into the game’s features and developments.

Final Fantasy VII rebirth combat scene

Producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura recently engaged in a discussion with the PlayStation Blog, shedding light on the challenges of reimagining characters like Aerith and Sephiroth within the scope of Rebirth’s narrative. The expansive storage requirement further emphasizes the scale and ambition of the upcoming installment in the iconic Final Fantasy series.