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Elden Ring DLC Nears Release With Latest Steam Update

Elden Ring DLC Nears Release With Latest Steam Update

Another Steam backend update hints at an imminent DLC release for Elden Ring, with specific references discovered in various depots

A new Steam backend update for Elden Ring is fueling speculation about the impending release of the highly anticipated DLC, Shadow of the Edtree. The update, visible on the SteamDB page for Elden Ring’s change list history, includes the addition of several depots, some of which specifically reference DLC.

Depots, as defined by Steam’s documentation, serve as a logical grouping of files for developers, and the inclusion of DLC tags in these depots suggests that the DLC content is being organized and prepared for release. Notably, depots with titles such as “qa-debug,” “qa-release,” “dev-release,” and “dev-debug” have been updated to include references to DLC.

Elden RinG DLC :Shadow of the erdtree art depciitng "ghosts in a graveyard".

This latest development follows earlier leaks and hints pointing to a February release for the Elden Ring expansion. In January, an update on the Steam backend made a general reference to DLC, and Bandai Namco’s update to an Elden Ring YouTube playlist sparked anticipation for an upcoming trailer. You can see it here on SteamDB.

While the exact release date remains uncertain, the recent Steam backend updates suggest that the Elden Ring DLC may be approaching its launch. Fans are eagerly awaiting official confirmation and details about Shadow of the Edtree, and the imminent release of a trailer is anticipated.