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Florida Joker Reconsiders Lawsuit, Proposes Voice Role In GTA 6

Florida Joker Reconsiders Lawsuit, Proposes Voice Role In GTA 6

Florida Joker’s Unconventional Twist: Proposes Voice Role in GTA 6, Shifts from Lawsuit Threat to Negotiation

Lawrence Sullivan, famously known as the ‘Florida Joker,’ who previously threatened Rockstar with a $10 million lawsuit over alleged unauthorized use of his likeness in the GTA 6 trailer, is now open to negotiations. In his latest TikTok video, Sullivan shifts his approach, expressing a desire to voice the character in GTA 6 instead of pursuing legal action.

Addressing GTA developer Rockstar and parent company Take-Two, Sullivan states, “GTA… we gotta talk.” He emphasizes his intention not to proceed with the lawsuit and extends the timeframe, offering an alternative proposition. Previously, he demanded $1-2 million for the alleged use of his likeness.

Two of the main characters in GTA 6

In the TikTok video, Sullivan proposes, “Hit me up, let me voice the character, give me more storyline in the game and give me a few mill […] let’s make history happen.” He attributes the attention garnered by his content about GTA 6 to the increased visibility of the upcoming game. Sullivan also challenges Rockstar to identify another individual in Florida who could be considered the ‘Florida Joker.’ Maintaining his comparison to the character, Sullivan had previously dyed his hair purple to highlight the resemblance.

While expressing a willingness to avoid legal involvement, he makes it clear that he is prepared to pursue legal action if necessary. Sullivan’s unconventional negotiation tactics continue as he seeks a collaborative opportunity with Rockstar for the highly anticipated GTA 6.