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Fluffy Creatures VS The World


Free Loot, Get Your Free Loot Right Here!

Take Control of Fluffy McCuddleston in this fun little platformer.

Head on over to IndieGala to grab your free copy of Fluffy Creatures VS The World.

A Little About The Game:

“The player is put in the role of Fluffy McCuddleston, the member of a peaceful, intellectual race. One day, his world was invaded by the nefarious Dr. Sadisto who captured Fluffy and his partner Snuggly Von Purpleton for his evil purpose. He strapped them with a timed explosive device which will kill them both if they do not harvest the very rare candy gold substance for him. It is up to player to guide Fluffy through the tasks of the evil Doctor, save his partner and turn the tables on Sadisto to ensure the peace of the Fluffyland.”

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply scroll down and click on “Add to your library”.


  • Single Player and Multi Player (shared screen and keyboard)
  • 25 short stages which gradually increase in difficulty.