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Folding@Home Runs Faster On Nvidia’s New GPU’S


Folding@home’s COVID-19 research is now running 60% faster on Nvidia’s New GPU’s

Nvidia has stepped up in the fight against the pandemic by providing GPU acceleration in the form of its parallel computing platform CUDA.

Thanks to Nvidia engineers your folding@home GPU’s just got a big powerup.

The GPU Folders make up a large amount of the number crunching power of Folding@home, allowing you to help projects like the COVID Moonshot open science drug discovery project evaluate thousands of molecules per week in their quest to produce a new low-cost patent-free therapy for COVID-19.

The COVID Moonshot open science drug discovery project is a project organized by an international consortium of scientists from academia, biotech’s, contract research organizations (CROs), and pharma — all working pro bono or via crowdfunding, philanthropy, and grants. This project aims to help develop easily manufacturable antiviral drugs that will inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 main Protease, which scientists believe is the Achilles heel of the Coronavirus.

Folding@Home Runs Faster On Nvidia's New GPU'S

On the official site, they explain how the new GPU’s increase performance:

“Typical GPUs will see 15-30% speedups on most Folding@home projects, drastically increasing both science throughput and points per day (PPD) these GPUs will generate. Even more exciting is that the COVID Moonshot Sprints—which use special OpenMM features to estimate how tightly potential therapeutics will inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 main viral protease—can see speedups up to 50-100% on many GPUs, helping us enormously accelerate our progress toward a cure.”

On the top end of the spectrum, CUDA-enabled COVID Moonshot projects, ones that identify potential therapy, are benchmarking a whopping 50-400% performance increase with GPU acceleration.

So, there you have it the numbers speak for themselves. The humble gaming graphics card is instrumental in the fight against Covid-19 and the increase in power output by these new GPU’s are significantly assisting the scientists and ordinary folk that are working tirelessly along with Folding@home to find a cure for this terrible pandemic.