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Twitter Brings Voice Tweets To iOS


Twitter is bringing voice tweets to iOS, Android, and the web by 2021.

Voice tweets are a relatively new concept where one can record a snippet of audio along with your tweet. This feature is already available for iOS users but Twitter is now saying they are busy with plans to expand this feature to various platforms including Android devices and the web.

Twitter is planning on adding transcriptions to the voice tweets as well improving accessibility for users.

The below Tweet from Tom Warren at The Verge shows how this voice tweet function works.

This new feature brought to light another issue within Twitter. The fact that without being able to see transcriptions of the voice tweets, they were less accessible to the public. Twitter is fixing this issue not by using a dedicated team just for accessibility but by asking current staff to volunteer their time on top of their usual duties to work the accessibility issue. When asked about this Twitter responded that they are “exploring” how to make a “more dedicated group” to focus solely on accessibility.

Since these issues have arisen Twitter has now dedicated two teams to accessibility within the company. One of these to promote accessibility within Twitter’s products, and the other to focus on accessibility for Twitter as a business. Following this announcement, the company has also announced that it is planning to add automated captions to audio and video on Twitter by “early 2021”.

It seems like Twitter is listening to its users though and fixing issues as well as expanding as they go. The company said on its Twitter Support account that voice tweets would be coming to Android and the web sometime in 2021.

They are apparently also planning to begin testing out voice DM’s very soon, starting in Brazil.

It is unclear when exactly these new features will be accessible for the rest of us Tweeters which use platforms other than iOS to get our Tweets out but the fact that they are working on this is a promising sign and hopefully we will see this new feature soon.