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Former Blizzard President Advocates For Players To Tip Game Developers

Former Blizzard President Advocates For Players To Tip Game Developers

Debate Ignites Over Tipping Game Developers: Ybarra’s Proposal Sparks Controversy Amid Industry Layoffs and Revenue Concerns

The debate over tipping for services in America has taken an intriguing turn, with former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra proposing the idea of players tipping developers for their work on certain video games. Ybarra expressed admiration for games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Elden Ring, and Horizon Zero Dawn, stating that the experience they offered exceeded the price he paid, prompting him to consider giving the studio additional compensation.

Reflecting on his gaming experiences, Ybarra shared on X, “When I beat a game, there are some that just leave me in awe of how amazing the experience was. At the end of the game, I’ve often thought ‘I wish I could give these folks another $10 or $20 because it was worth more than my initial $70 and they didn’t try to nickel and dime me every second.'”

While Ybarra acknowledged the fatigue surrounding tipping in various contexts, he emphasized the distinction between voluntary appreciation and obligatory tipping, inviting feedback on the idea.

However, his suggestion was met with significant pushback on social media. Concerns were raised about the possibility of developers not directly benefiting from tips, with some fearing that publishers might intercept them. Others criticized the notion of tipping game companies amidst ongoing layoffs within the industry.

Comedian and video game pundit Mike Drucker expressed skepticism, stating, “Very excited to tip executives who just laid off all the people that make the games.”

Despite the debate, it seems unlikely that tipping in video games will become commonplace. Nevertheless, players seeking to support game creators have alternative avenues, such as purchasing post-game DLC or contributing to individual developers’ Ko-fi accounts, ensuring that their support reaches the intended recipients.