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Frostpunk 2 Introduces Stressful Voting System To City-Building


Building Stress: Frostpunk 2 Introduces a Complex Voting System for Tough Decision-Making

The sequel to the renowned city-builder, Frostpunk 2, is turning up the stress levels with its newly unveiled voting system. 11-bit Studios released a trailer for the upcoming game, showcasing the challenges players will face as they attempt to manage a city in the harsh post-apocalyptic world.

The trailer reveals a significant change from the original Frostpunk – a voting system for laws. Unlike the previous game, where laws were unilaterally declared and enforced, Frostpunk 2 requires players to navigate a political landscape, garnering support for proposed laws. The rejection of a law due to a lack of majority votes adds an extra layer of complexity to decision-making.

The player character, known as the ‘Steward’ in Frostpunk 2, will confront difficult choices, as hinted by an intense interaction with an angry doctor who insists, “a hospital is no place for experimentations.”

Feeding the population seems to be a critical focus in Frostpunk 2, emphasizing the challenges of recovery 30 years after the great storm portrayed in the original game.

Scheduled for release in the first half of 2024, Frostpunk 2 will be available on PC Game Pass from day one and will later launch on Xbox Game Pass for consoles with the arrival of the Xbox Series X/S version. Brace yourself for a tumultuous journey as you strive to build and manage a city in the unforgiving Frostpunk universe.