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Games Workshop, Creator Of Warhammer, Issues $3000 Payment To All Staff Amid Share Price Decline


Warhammer maker Games Workshop distributes $9.4 million to employees through a profit-sharing plan, but investors are disappointed

As part of its profit-sharing plan, Games Workshop, the company that creates Warhammer, has announced that all of its employees will receive a £2500/$3145/ R57,716.25 bonus in December. The news was revealed in GW’s half-year trading update on December 7, and since then, the share price has decreased by 15%. This is true even though the management of the company claims that trading was “in line with expectations.”

Games Workshop’s Generous £1000/$1260 Increase from Last Year as It Distributes a $9.4 Million Bonus Pool, Up from Last Year’s $5.6 Million. Amid a Cost-of-Living Crisis in the UK, the Cash Injection Arrives in December. Despite Positive Revenue and Profit Growth in the Last Six Months, Investors Express Discontent, Leading to a 15% Drop in Games Workshop’s Share Prices.

The apparent reason for this is the company’s deceleration in growth compared to the first quarter of 2023, which witnessed a remarkable 43% increase in profits.

Warhammer 40k art depicting a space marine in combat with a boss.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that while the core business has experienced growth, licensing profits have seen a decline of 14%. This trend may not be alleviated in the coming months, especially with the mixed response to the recent release, Realms of Ruin.

On November 27, Frontier Developments, the developer of the game, released its own trading report, indicating that Realms of Ruin sales to date were ‘lower than expected.’

Games Workshop’s half-year trading report offers a general overview of the Warhammer company’s performance, with a more detailed breakdown expected in its half-yearly report on January 9, 2024.

Despite these challenges, there is another Warhammer 40k game recently released, which may present a better opportunity to boost Games Workshop’s licensing revenue.