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God Of War Creator Is Unhappy With How Kratos Evolved Throughout The Latest Games


He is not a fan of how Kratos matured…

The God of War creator is dissatisfied with the direction PlayStation has taken the series and Kratos himself. God of War is one of the most popular PlayStation franchises, and it has withstood the test of time thanks to its willingness to reinvent itself. The series began as a hack-and-slash franchise that emphasized combos, extreme levels of violence, and an edgy story that was considered juvenile in some ways.

Having said that, the series spanned the PS2 and PS3, eventually concluding with a trilogy and a few spin-offs. God of War gave the series a “soft reboot” in 2018. Kratos was reframed in the game by placing him in a new setting with a son and regret for his past. It was mature, nuanced, and reflective of some of the experiences the developers were having as they began to have their own children.

Kratos fighting a formiddable monster foe.

Despite being nominated for numerous awards and even winning Game of the Year in 2018, God of War creator David Jaffe is not a fan of the series’ new direction. Jaffe hasn’t worked on the new God of War games, but he believes they’re not true to the spirit of the character or the franchise. If developers want to incorporate their life experiences into their work, they should start with new IPs and characters, according to the creator. 

He also compared it to Indiana Jones, noting that the idea of an adventurer like Indiana Jones settling down, having children, and becoming a father does not appeal to him. Nonetheless, everyone has an opinion, and given that Jaffe is no longer involved with God of War, it’s unlikely that this will make a difference.

God of War is currently more popular than ever and receiving the best reviews the series has ever received. Even the new DLC is impressing fans, so it appears unlikely that this will sway anyone. God of War began as a series about a man spiraling after his family was killed, so the new games feel like a natural progression for the franchise. It’s unclear where the series will go from here, but it’s safe to say it’ll be hugely successful regardless.