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Hollow Knight Silksong Community Buzzes With Speculation Over Stealthy Steam Update

Hollow Knight Silksong Community Buzzes With Speculation Over Stealthy Steam Update

Fans Await Potential Significance Behind Cryptic Steam Revision

The Hollow Knight Silksong community is abuzz with excitement and speculation following a seemingly clandestine update to the game’s Steam listing, igniting fervent discussion among eager fans.

On March 3rd, enthusiasts of the highly anticipated sequel noted a manual update to Silksong on Steam, marking the first apparent revision in approximately 14 months. The news of the update has stirred considerable excitement within the community, a testament to the enduring anticipation surrounding Silksong since its initial announcement five years ago.

However, the purported “14-month hiatus” narrative warrants closer examination. A delve into the SteamDB entry for Silksong reveals a history of backend updates made by developer Team Cherry since the game’s Steam debut. While recent updates, including the one on March 3rd, primarily focus on minor adjustments to user and store-based tags, one update from March 2nd remains shrouded in secrecy, its details concealed from public view.

The mysterious nature of this particular update has sparked intense speculation among fans, fueling hopes for significant changes or developments within the game. While the possibility of a substantial update tantalizes the community, the true nature of the March 2nd revision remains elusive, leaving enthusiasts to ponder its implications.

Hollow Knight Silksong gameplay

Drawing comparisons to recent updates preceding the release of Elden Ring, some fans contemplate the potential significance of Silksong’s stealthy Steam update. Although further updates would be necessary to align with this expectation, the prospect alone ignites optimism and excitement among Silksong devotees, underscoring their unwavering enthusiasm for the forthcoming title.

As the Hollow Knight Silksong community eagerly awaits further developments, the enigmatic nature of the recent Steam update continues to captivate fans, sparking spirited discussions and reigniting anticipation for the highly anticipated sequel.