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Dune Awakening Introduces Combined Arms Combat System With Diverse Abilities

Dune Awakening Introduces Combined Arms Combat System With Diverse Abilities

Survive and Thrive in the Harsh World of Arrakis with Funcom’s Dynamic Combat Mechanics

Funcom’s highly anticipated survival MMO, Dune: Awakening, offers players a multifaceted combat experience, blending elements from the expansive Dune universe to create a diverse and engaging gameplay environment.

In Dune: Awakening, survival on the treacherous sands of Arrakis demands mastery of combat skills alongside essential survival tactics. Creative director Joel Bylos provides insight into the game’s combat mechanics in the inaugural Dune: Awakening Direct video, highlighting the integration of various combat styles, including melee, ranged, and special abilities.

The game’s innovative “combined arms” system allows players to seamlessly blend different combat techniques, drawing inspiration from iconic elements of the Dune saga. Bylos elaborates on the versatility of combat, explaining how players can harness abilities from the Great Schools of the universe, such as the compelling abilities of the Bene Gesserit or the prowess of a seasoned swordmaster. Whether engaging in close-quarters combat or strategic ranged attacks, players have the freedom to customize their combat approach according to their preferred playstyle.

Moreover, Dune: Awakening features an intricate crafting system that enables players to craft a myriad of weapons and equipment, complementing their chosen combat style. From traditional weaponry to futuristic sci-fi arms like lasguns and shields, players have access to an extensive arsenal to confront the challenges of Arrakis.

Bylos assures players that while the game embraces the technological marvels of the Dune universe, safeguards are in place to prevent catastrophic outcomes, ensuring a balanced and immersive gaming experience.

Dune: Awakening – survive Arrakis Official Trailer:

Furthermore, Dune: Awakening promotes flexibility and player agency by allowing the customization of combat abilities. Through interactions with in-game trainers and mentors, players can acquire new skills and techniques, tailoring their character’s progression to suit their evolving combat preferences.

As players venture into the unforgiving deep desert of Arrakis, they will confront new challenges and adversaries in the player-vs.-player arena. With dynamic map changes driven by massive storms, each week presents fresh opportunities and risks, enticing players to compete for valuable resources amidst the shifting sands.

While Dune: Awakening’s release date remains undisclosed, anticipation continues to build among fans eagerly awaiting their journey into the perilous world of Arrakis. Aspiring adventurers can sign up for the closed beta on the game’s official website, preparing to embark on an epic odyssey through the sands of Dune.