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In A New Steam Indie, Hades Meets Vampire Survivors


Death Must Die combines Vampire Survivors, Diablo, and Hades in a new Steam Early Access release that’s currently on sale and worth a look

Death Must Die is a new Steam Early Access game that combines the bullet hell gameplay of Vampire Survivors, the character-filled gods and powerups of Hades, and the Diablo series’ equipment stylings. If you’re looking for something new with a beautiful pixel aesthetic, this could be the game for you.

With the Hades 2 early access release date still a long way off, a game like Death Must Die is the ideal antidote. There’s a lot to like in this action roguelike with the fast-paced time survival you’re used to from Vampire Survivors.

The mid-game upgrades and deity system are the first things that stand out to me as an avid Hades player. There’s a colorful cast of godlike characters who talk to you as you play, each offering build variety through a series of boons, much like they do in Hades. Your boons can also level up, similar to the Supergiant Games indie game creation.

The gear screen in Death Must Die also screams Diablo, so unlike Hades, you can get even more run variety with equipable items. You have weapons, armor, rings, pendants, and a lot more to help you survive a run, so there’s a lot to play with when combined with the boons.

In a new Steam indie, Hades meets Vampire Survivors

In the early access version, you can also play as three different characters, with six gods (each with over ten skills), seven different enemies, one final boss, and a series of map shrines that can grant you different buffs.

The Vampire Survivors comparisons are the most obvious here, but only because the two games share a genre: time survival. You’ll be running around a large, flat, isometric map killing skeletons, shield knights, and other enemies. Vampire Survivors has already set a high standard, so it’s exciting to see games inspired by it try out some novel ideas for the genre.

If that isn’t enough, Death Must Die already has thousands of concurrent players and just under 1,000 user reviews with a ‘very positive’ rating – that’s about 89% right now.